Tenga Onacup - Doublehole

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Availability: In stock


Tenga Onacup Doublehole Masturbator - Standard Edition Male Masturbation Onacup. Adult Lifestyle Sex Toys

Double the fun and enjoy sensually complex array of sensations with Tenga Doublehole masturbator! This exciting Onacup has two separate holes for your penis depending on your mood. Each of the holes has different cushions within for your pleasure - one splendidly tight and one gently clinging to give different sensations and entirely different climaxes. Both the sides of this masturbation cup are reversible to give an outstanding sense of adhesion as you pull out. Designed for solo use, Doublehole Onacup can be used to transport you to the virtual world of threesome using both sides at the same time and leave you in complete control of sensual sexual experience.

• Non vibrating cup with soft, realistic feel - made from soft, supple skin safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
• Length(inch) : 6.5", Length(inner) 5.5" , Canal(inner) diameter: 0.5", Circumference: 8", Diameter: 2.5", wt. 180
• Two canals to choose from each lined with stimulating nubs mdash; lsquo;bitter side' offers firm clinging sensation with 63 erotic nubs, while lsquo;sweet side' gives a gentler caress with 73 double-sided ticklers
• Lotion reservoir keeps insertion point lubricated and ready for play

SKU 4560220550205
Color White
Material TPR
Total Length 15.5cm
Width/Diameter 6.6cm
Additional Information Includes a lubricant pack within the tube
Brands Tenga

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