Naya Nina - Activewear Sports Bra Set Red (M Size)

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Availability: In stock


Naya Nina - Activewear Sports Bra Set - High Impact Workout wear. Womens Lingerie Wear

Feel the comfort while doing intense workout sessions in active sportswear!

Naya Nina Activewear Sports Bra Set is a perfect choice for daily exercise and workout sessions. This workout wear is designed to offer comfort and a relaxed fit with its seamless cross-back construction and elastic fit. The sports underwear features comfortable front V cut and a full hip coverage. This sportswear set offers support to the breast while doing vigorous exercise and prevents sagging. The supportive sports bra is constructed with cushioned pocket chest pads.

• High impact sportswear is made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex that can easily be stretched
• Athletic wear is designed with cross back cut sports bra and a front V cut sports underwear
• Functional sportswear is available in sizes: M and L
• Active sportswear offers a perfect fit with its soft stretchable elastic just below the bust

SKU NA16990066
Color Red
Brands Annamu