LELO - SENSUA Suede Whip

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Availability: Out of stock


LELO - Sensua Suede Whip Suede leather Adult Lifestyle Accessory. Polished Metal and Acrylic handle. BDSM Sex Toy for Couples

Assert your supremacy over your partner in bedroom with the Sensua Suede Whip in your hand. The leather whip features soft and supple suede tassels made from premium cow suede leather. Bondage beating whip lets you be take charge of the bed room scene without being harsh on your partnerbare skin. You can be soft or hard as you deliver some punishment, the choice is totally yours! The polished metal and acrylic handle in the suede whip makes it look stylish and adds durability and holding comfort. Of course, this BDSM Sex Toy gives you a feel of power in your hand and makes you feel bolder as you decide to get intimate during sex.

•Premium cow suede leather construction for a luxurious and arousing touch
•Great for enacting your authority in bed room
• Stylish metal and acrylic handle
•Suitable for amateur as well as experienced couples

SKU 7350022271449
Color Black
Functions Sex Intimacy
Total Length 36CM
Brands Lelo

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