Sliquid - Naturals Swirl Lubricant 2 oz Blue Raspberry

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Availability: In stock


Sliquid Naturals Swirl Blue Raspberry Lube - Hypoallergenic, Water Based Vegan Lubricant for Couples

Sliquid Naturals is the preferred choice of men and women who want a lube that comes without the threat of skin irritations, has a sweet flavour and can be used for high-intensity lovemaking. Sliquid Naturals has a unique Raspberry Blue flavour – something seldom found in the niche of personal lubrications for couples. This personal use lube is often packed as a part of bachelor party gift hampers. Ready-to-use natural lube comes without the usual problems with lubricants like stickiness. You get the assurance of a real flavour that does not overwhelm. The raspberry taste is restrained, without the artificialness associated with flavoured lubes. You get a truly exotic lube that is meant to be licked and rejoiced!

• Trust of hypo-allergic ingredients. Does not irritate the skin. Glycerin and paraben free. Cruelty free
• Natural flavor that is delectable in every way, helps to prolong foreplays, makes oral more fun
• Vegan lube has a slightly sweet taste. Does not stain the sheets. Does not leave residue
• Unique blend works towards boosting natural lubrication without using harmful drugs/chemicals

SKU 894147009084
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