Fun Factory - MiniVIBES SEMILINO Neon Orange

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Availability: In stock


The Semilino is part of Fun Factory's line of mini vibes - a range of nine vibrators of diminutive shape and stature that is perfect for your handbag.

SEMILINO. Little size, big feeling. Fitting for every occasion. The lightly curved shape is perfect for stimulating the G-spot and is just as good for clitoral excitement too. the SEMILINO has fantastic technology on the inside. The powerful yet quiet motor with its six variable programs and intensities always reliably leads to yet unknown heights. Semilino design will be suitable for one who gets stimulated by the intensive exterior ribbed surface. This will help to rub against the walls of your vagina and giving great pressure to the Gspot at the same time.

The ideal measurements make the SEMILINO a discrete companion for any situation, an attractive carry-on accessory for your handbag, sports bag or an inner pocket.If this size is not enough for you, then the Semirealistic from Fun Factory is up next.

This Gspot vibe is one of the best selling model of Pinklifestyle's based on its size, vibration strength & quality, Fun Factory Products are proudly MADE IN GERMANY.


The Semilino has an awesome ribbed texture that is rechargeable, made from silicone and is easy to operate. Its reasonable size makes it suitable for a wider range of users and a great travel companion.

Designed with the female anatomy in mind, the Semilino has a slightly curved tip to help target the G-spot, and a bumpy shaft to add additional stimulation. At the bottom of the shaft is an obvious bulge designed to connect with your external pleasure zones. While it doesn't naturally come in contact with the clitoris when thrust, you can use it in a sort of curved thrusting motion which allows the vibrator to glide over you clitoris, enter your vagina, and slide over it again. How well it connects with your hot spots will depend on your specific anatomy but the texture alone should provide decent stimulation regardless. Apart from vaginal use, the Semilino can be used externally to stimulate sensitive areas of the body such as the nipples, clitoris, and perineum, and can be used for external anal play.

You can add this one to your list of bath time companions, because the Semilino is totally waterproof. Whether it's joining you in the shower, soaking in the tub, or simply being cleaned in your sink, you can feel confident knowing there's no way for water to leak inside the vibe.

SKU 4032498801193
Color Orange
Material Silicone
Waterproof Submersible
Power Type Rechargeable with USB Magnetic Charger
Functions G-Spot Vibrator
Vibration speed Speeds and patterns
Total Length 17.2
Insertable/Usable Length 9.5cm
Width/Diameter 2.2-3.3cm
Canal Diameter NA
Circumference NA
Battery Type Rechargeable
Condom safe Yes
Lubricant type Water-Based
Additional Information Benefits of silicone rubber for Sex Toys With the increase consciousness for the use of eco-friendly materials, silicone rubber has became important in the manufacturing of many products, this is even more ideal for sex toys and baby toys. Generally, toys made of 100% pure silicone are considered body safe and are non-toxic, it is stable and does not release any extractables even at high temperature. There are various grades to determine the quality of silicone rubber, Body-safe grade/ Food grade, follow by medical grade to sensitive medical equipments, and implant grade at the highest level. Silicone matte surfaces have non-stick properties. They are stain resistant, anti-slip and anti-dust. This makes cleaning easy. It is lab proven that pure silicone material is non-porous, it can be completely sterilized as it is non-porous (or do not have micro-pores that harbors bacteria) This makes it the most superior material to be used for Sex Toys. Silicone rubber is soft but may be stiffer than TPR (Thermal Plastic rubber) and relatively lightweight Do not melt easily, Silicone is heat resistant up to 430°F / 220°C Durable with high tensile strength that allows toys to recover from both stretching and crushing with no damage. Full silicone rubber are usually odorless. Cleaning your Silicone TOY? Wash with warm water and mild soapy- preferably foamy kind, try not to wet electronic components. Easily Care It is important to note although silicone rubber is stable, it cannot be used with silicone based lubricant. It will deform when it comes into contact with silicone based lubricant and may cause it to fuse together. Usually only water-based lubricant is recommended!
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