Anna Mu's - Wet & Wild Hawaii Bra Set

SKU: NA15030023
Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock


Anna Mu's - Wet & Wild Hawaii Bra Set, adjustable shoulder straps bikini and elastic flexible design (2 pieces: 1 bikini top, 1 matching crotchless thong)

Material: 100% Polyster!
Size: Free size!
Colour: Black with Red embroidery details

Maintaining your lingerie in good condition :
 Step 1 :Fill cool or warm water, (cool preferred). NOT HOT WATER,
 Step 2 : add-in mild detergent for instants, baby shampoo or hand soap. NO BLEACHING !
 Step 3 : Mix Water & Shampoo before soaking lingerie, leave it for 12-15min.
 Step 4 : Rinse with fresh water after soaked. Squeeze excess water out but NOT TWIST like normal clothes.
 Step 5 : Hang the items to dry, as straight and flat as possible. Reshape the bra cups to their natural position, if needed. AVOID SUNLIGHT to preserve the color and elasticity of the garment. DO NOT'S , Iron them , Dry them with dryer, Bleach or twist them

SKU NA15030023